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1pt Type FMP (Amy & Froydis):

amylaurenfaseydesign: 1pt Type

Using 1pt type to create the ‘sound’ of a book. The book pictured is Alice in Wonderland.


'Don't You Know I'm Loco?!'

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jvnk:"The kitchen you are imagining is in HiperCentro Corona."

Clever ad designed by Felipe Salazar

Dani Álvarez:

alvarez-draws: ”My hometown, being one of the largest cities in our world - is noisy, colourful, and very overwhelming. In “Mexico City: Quirks and Cacophonies”, I explore the cultural aspects one might encounter there: the dangers, the pleasures, and the ironies. Good or bad, these situations and characters are what makes my city move, much like an endearingly dysfunctional family.”

Triptych, Acrylic and Pens on paper
June 2013

My friend truly is a talented illustrator & animator and I really loved her FMP piece from our foundation. 

FMP - ‘Teeny Weeny’ with Amy & Froydis:

Playing with magnifying glasses & type ! specifically 1pt type (but I got to obsessed as soon as I got the little magnifying monocle thingy-mo-bob and just started playing around with anything!)


I love Flamingos

that is all

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Martin Creed Exhibition - What’s The Point?:

My friend Amalie at the exhibition checking out the blinding light piece!

Poster Design:

nothingtochance: Monthly poster Pasternak / Quim Marin

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